Cafe «Barbecue Yard»


Lovers of a hearty meal are waiting for a visit to the cafe "Kebab yard". You can choose from shish kebab from different types of meat, as well as burum, danar, burger, gyros and shawarma. The menu also has soups, side dishes and pastries. According to your request, a fresh omelet will be quickly prepared for breakfast.

You can relax in a cafe or make an order for delivery.

The cost of meals can be included in the bill for accommodation and is standard: breakfast 250 rubles, lunch and dinner 350 rubles each.

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Cafe in the building
x 40 - 52 people
Russian Kitchen

A small cafe is located in the basement of the hotel building. It is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00. The cost of meals can be included in the total bill with accommodation by notifying the administrator.